The Stephen M Levin Biotensegrity Archive

Why an archive?

During his long career in both orthopedic surgery and manual medicine, Dr. Levin has developed, refined, and taught the understanding and applications of biotensegrity. As a result, he has created and collected a variety teaching models, written research papers, collected and taken photographs and x-rays, generated slide show presentations, and amassed a collection of books and other materials germane to the study, and to the history, of biotensegrity. And he continues to do so!

Among other goals, the Archive hopes to make these materials accessible to the emerging community of researchers, clinicians, inventors, academics, systems scientists and other professionals who study biotensegrity, and to give their diverse efforts an institutional home so that their work can continue to expand, while preserving the integrity and authenticity of the theory and capturing and building on the knowledge Dr. Levin has accumulated.

The Model Zoo

One of the Archive efforts will be to create an online "Model Zoo."

We are in the process of classifying and cataloging the Levin model collection. It's our hope that online visitors to the Archive will be able to view the collection, click on a photo to get a description and read about its value in studying biotensegrity, and hear and see a video clip of Dr. Levin demonstrating how the particular model illustrates an aspect of biotensegrity.

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