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Swedish health and wellness outfit Atlasbalans creates whiteboard video featuring Dr. Levin and biotensegrity

Pacific Northwest BIG hosts Dr. Levin at UBC November 18th
The newly organized Pacific Northwest BIG will be hosting Stephen M. Levin, MD for a presentation at the University of British Columbia's Wesbrook Centre in Vancouver on November 18th

2016 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures (MIMS16)
The Workshop will be held October 28-30 at the Cetus Hotel ( located in a scenic venue of the amazing Amalfi Coast. Deadline for Abstracts Submission is June 15, 2016. Abstracts related, but not limited, to the following areas are welcome:
• Multiscale mechanics • Architectured materials and composites • Lattice materials and structures • Mechanical and acoustic metamaterials • Tensegrity systems at different scales • Sustainable composites • Smart materials and structures • Microstructure engineering

Dr. Levin will be among the presenters.

European Fascia Congress Brussels, October 14 & 15, 2016 (with additional workshops on the 16th)
Dr. Levin will be among the presenters, along with Paul Sercu, Graham Scarr, Danièle-Claude Martin, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Sergio Fonseca, Peter Huijing and Robert Schleip. Program available here.

The eighth annual meeting of the European Biotensegrity Interest Group (the original BIG!) took place in Ghent, Belgium, October 1-12, 2016

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine hosts Dr. Levin
Dr. Levin was a guest of the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in September, where physicians, animal morphologists and others learned more about the application of biotensegrity to their work.

New Biotensegrity Book by DC Martin
Danièle-Claude Martin's book,
Living Biotensegrity: Interplay of Tension and Compression in the Body is out from Kiener Press in Germany, and available through Amazon. Dr. Martin, along with Dr. Levin, organized the first-ever BIG (Biotensegrity Interest Group) gathering in Saint Malo, France in 2012.

Please consider this book, along with
Dr. Levin's website and DVD and Graham Scarr's book, Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life, and Scarr's Tensegrity in Biology website, to constitute the essential canon for a foundation in biotensegrity.

Biotensegrity Focused Human Anatomy Dissection Seminar June 30-July 2nd, 2016; University of Dundee, Scotland
Featuring Dr. Abduelmenem Alashkham, Joanne Avison, Dr. Niall Galloway, Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau, John Sharkey and Graham Scarr

FULLY BOOKED; contact NTC for details on future biotensegrity dissection seminars

Review below of the 2015 event by Graham Scarr:

The University of Dundee in Scotland was the venue for the world’s first biotensegrity focussed dissection seminar, which included three days of talks, discussions and laboratory work in the exploration of human anatomy in July 2015. Organized by John Sharkey, a clinical anatomist and director of the National Training Centre in Dublin, Ireland, he was joined by the originator of the biotensegrity concept, Dr. Stephen Levin; the anatomist, Dr. Abduelmenem Alashkham; and structural integrator and yoga teacher, Joanne Avison.
Using the
Thiel Cadaver Facility at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, participants were able to examine anatomy from a totally different perspective. Rather than simply cutting away the fascia in order to reach the ‘important parts’, as has been the traditional approach to dissection, it was the structural and functional connections between them that became the subject of interest.
The biotensegrity concept recognizes that every part of the body is mechanically linked to all the other parts surrounding it and that these connections are integrated into a complex tensegrity heterarchy that permeates the entire organism. Such a perspective thus allowed the attendee’s to gain a better understanding of how each part relates to the whole rather than simply cutting the body into a collection of bits.
Thiel cadavers are embalmed using a soft-fix technique developed by Professor Thiel in Graz, Austria in the 1990’s, with the Dundee Centre being the first to introduce it to the UK in 1990; and their life-like retention of flexibility, tissue quality and colour provided the very best opportunity to explore human anatomy. While the Centre is internationally recognized in the fields of anatomy, forensic anthropology and cranio-facial identification, this novel biotensegrity approach to studying the human body also created a lot of interest from the laboratory staff; and a
second seminar is planned through the National Training Center for 2016 .

NTC's Biotensegrity pre-conference day in advance of the British Fascia Symposium
June 24, 2016 in Worcester, UK with Joanne Avison, Leonid Blyum, Niall Galloway, MD, Jean Claude Guimberteau, MD, Graham Scarr, DO, Dr. Robert Schleip, and John Sharkey MSc

Biotensegrity presentation & discussion June 5 & July 17, 2-4 PM Tenley-Friendship neighborhood library in Tenleytown, Washington, DC. Free
Dr. Levin's DVD,
Biotensegrity and Dynamic Anatomy will be shown, followed by a discussion and a chance to experience various tensegrity models. Hosted by Susan Lowell of DC BIG.

The Biotensegrity Interest Group of Washington, DC, DC BIG, arranges meetings and events several times per year in Washington, DC. More info at

Webinar with Joanne Avison
Anatomy, Fascia and Movement with Joanne Avison on 2nd February at 7:00pm GMT through eHealth Learning

Master Workshops in Biotensegrity
Masters Workshops in Biotensegrity are offered periodically, usually for 4 days / 3 nights. Small groups of 3-7 meet in an informal colloquy setting with Dr. Levin. The cost is $1,100.00 donation to the Biotensegrity Archive. Participants pay their own transportation fees, and room and board. Interested? Please contact us for application information.

January 13-16, 2017
— The application review process for this workshop is still open; there is one more space available as of 11/06/16.

September 20-23, 2015 — The application review process for this workshop is now closed.

September 15-17, 2015 — the 7th annual gathering of the international BIG community, Vienna, VA. by invitation only

The 1st Biotensegrity Summit

September 17, 2015 — a pre-conference day in advance of the 4th International Fascia Research Congress at the Hyatt in Reston, VA.

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